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Short Term Investments

At Compare the Financial Markets our aims are purely and simply to work with investors to source the best possible investments for our clients, in 2017 and beyond. 

We will work with our partners and team of financial experts to find good short-term investments across a wide range of options. Whatever sum an investor wishes to invest, we will find the best investment to match.


Investing in art is an unfailingly tantalising option.  On the one hand it is an investment opportunity that can offer the personal satisfaction of enjoying the investment on an aesthetic level for as long as the investor decides.  Yet the shrewd investor will also recognise the huge appreciation potential of works by promising artists in all disciplines of the creative arts, therefore not only investing in art likely to offer high ROI over the short-term, but directly contributing to the nurturing of exciting new talent.  Compare the Financial Markets is partnered and affiliated with the most progressive independent galleries in London and elsewhere, so able to assist in facilitating the best possible art investments in 2017.  



As the name of this investment category implies, alternative investments present a whole world of fascinating investment opportunities.  If there is a respectable R.O.I. to be made, there are a great many viable investment options for 2017 that exist outside ‘mainstream’ investment choices.  For example, collectables such as antiques, fine wines, coins or stamps, or else commodities, renewable energy and high-potential start-ups requiring venture capital.  These are just a few ideas, but Compare the Financial Markets can connect investors with our team of investment experts to explore every conceivable option.


The benefits of offshore investments are clear: if the rates of return are higher and/or the rate of taxation is lower in a territory other than an investor’s country of residence, protecting gains on investments in that territory is simply financial common sense.  Offshore financial centres can offer 100% legal and less costly means to conduct investment transactions in a more private and profitable fashion than within the investor’s own country.  Investors must meet certain conditions for offshore financial centres, but full information on the criteria required can be supplied by Compare the Financial Markets.  


With a history dating back over 400 years, the stock exchange is one of the oldest investment options in the world, and deciding to put your money to work for you remains a good investment opportunity for 2017.  Investing in stocks and shares holds many benefits, such as compound interest and the possibility of diversification, thereby spreading the risk rather than hanging all hopes on the possibility of the success of a single investment.  Compare the Financial Markets has a team of investment experts that can guide investors towards the best way to invest in stocks and shares in 2017. 

Best Alternative Investments for 2016 -  Investment Opportunities Available Online

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